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Voctarova 18
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  • Cafés
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  • Escalator
  • Food Court
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Handicapped accessible
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Modern office building on the industrial tradition of Libeň myhive Palmovka


Transformation of an industrial complex into a modern office park

myhive Palmovka is a brand-new office complex that has been built in Prague Libeň on the site of an industrial zone. It is located close to the Libeň Bridge, just a few steps from Palmovka underground station. This convenient access to public transport and links to the D8 motorway and the Prague Inner Ring Road are major advantages for the complex. As part of an expansion of its portfolio, IMMOFINANZ has acquired three buildings within this modern business centre.


The building designated "Four" is characterised by an open ground floor parterre adjoining the park next to the Libeň Bridge. The building has 13,854 m2 of office space and 148 parking spaces. The Aulík Fišer Studio, which designed the complex, has combined open spaces with enclosed offices in the interior in an expert manner.


The bright atrium and roof terrace with its garden are the main benefits that can be enjoyed in the myhive Palmovka building, designated "Four". “Number Three" offers tenants 9,737 m2 of space, more than a hundred parking spaces and with two roof terraces.


The imaginary connection between the two buildings is the "Depo" ground level building, with what at first sight seems to be an atypical roof. At the beginning of the last century this served as a machine assembly plant within the industrial complex. The so-called Stephen roof has been preserved from that time; like the whole building, it has undergone complete reconstruction. Today the building is an historical monument. There are many possible uses for the building, but it will serve mainly as a venue for social events. One part of the hall serves as a canteen names Bistro HALA for the tenants.

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Bistro HALA

Why not a modern a modern canteen with tasty meals and a traditional way of cooking.

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