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Lomnickeho 5-9
140 00 Praha
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Your office in the thriving commercial area of Prague's 4th district myhive Pankrac House


Offices with an ideal infrastructure at a prime location 

Quality modern offices with a comprehensive list of services avaialble to tenants, located directly above the Pražského povstání metro station. The myhive Pankrác House is a modern office building that features approx. 19,000 m² of office and retail space. Offices units up for rent in the building range from 100 m² up to 1,500 m² per floor. 

The myhive Pankrac House is located right above the Prazskeho Povstani (line C) metro station in the thriving commercial district of Prague's 4th district. The building has excellent access to the D1 highway which links Prague to Brno and Vienna. The city centre is a six-minute drive by car or five minutes away by underground. 

What does an office at the myhive Pankrac House have to offer? 

Our tenants can enjoy a lively atmosphere and a comprehensive range of in-house services. These services include: a welcome desk, a café, a restaurant, a business networking lounge with free wi-fi, common areas, a gym, showers, lockers, a bicycle storage room, a car park and regular myhive events. The events are organized by the in-house community manager who is always at the service of the tenants at myhive Pankrac House to make daily life at the office even more enjoyable and cheerful. 

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