STOP SHOP/Retail Park STOP SHOP/Retail Park
Felso Szandai ret 3
5000 Szolnok
Standing investment
  • Parking spaces
  • Public Transport
  • Restrooms
  • Free Wi-Fi

Retail park with 13 stores STOP SHOP Szolnok


Become a local supplier for more than 75,000 people and be part of our success story since 2009 at STOP SHOP Szolnok.

STOP SHOP Szolnok is located south of the city center of Szolnok in a strong retail agglomeration. The retail park offers a well balanced tenant mix with both national and international brands to ensure a fashionable shopping experience. A drug store and a food anchor provide for the physical wellbeing of our customers. Together with an electronics store, a matress business rounds off the offer.

The STOP SHOP Szolnok offers more than 9,300 sqm. It is easily accessible both by car and public transport and offers an extensive parking area with 421 parking lots.

The main catchment area covers 75,000 individuals and consists of the city of Szolnok and the surrounding villages.

Szolnok is a town in the eastern part of Hungary located 100km away from Budapest. The city is divided by Tisza - the sencond biggest river in Hungary called

Szolnok is home to the Hungarian military specialized on Helicopters. The largest factory in town is Eagle Ottawa, a leather technology manufacturer.

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